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Exam Pattern For Classes I to V


The assessment structure and examination for classes I to V have been prepared in view of the provisions of RTE-Act 2009 and comprises of two terms i.e. Term-1 and 2 as explained below.


Subjects TERM – 1 (100 marks) TERM – 2 (100 marks)
(1st half of the session) (2nd half of the session)
40 marks Periodic Assessment + 40 marks Periodic Assessment +
60 marks for Half Yearly Exam 60 marks for Yearly Exam
English PA 40 Marks Half Yearly PA 40 marks Yearly Exam
Hindi Periodic Test 20 Written exam Periodic Test Written exam for
marks with for 60 marks 20 marks with 60 marks with
Mathematics Syllabus with syllabus syllabus syllabus coverage
covered till covered till covered till of Second Term
Environment announcement announcement announcement
Studies of test dates by of Half Yearly of test dates by Note:
school exam dates by school
school Half Yearly Exam
Note Book Note Book Syllabus will not
Submission submission be repeated in
10 marks at 10 marks at Yearly Exam
term-end term-end
Sub Enrichment Sub Enrichment
10 marks at 10 marks at
term-end term- end


Subject Enrichment Activities : These are subject-specific activities aimed at enhancing the understanding and skills of the students. These activities are to be carried out throughout term. however, they should be evaluated at the term-end.


Co-Scholastic Activities (Classes I-V): For the holistic development of the student, Co-curricular activities in the following areas will be carried out in CBSE affiliated schools by the teachers and will be graded term-wise of a 3-point grading scale (A=Outstanding, B=Very Good and C=Fair). The aspect of regularity, sincere participation, output and teamwork will be the generic criteria for grading in the following co-scholastic activities:


  • Work Education-Work Education refers to skill-based activities resulting in goods or services useful to the community
  • Art Education (Visual & Performing Art)
  • Health and Physical Education (Sports/Martial Arts/Yoga/NCC etc.)
  • General Knowledge/ Computer/ Music/ Moral Science.